This Financial Services Guide contains information about our services and charges, your rights as a client and other things you need to know in relation to the insurance matters including how any complaints you may have will be dealt with.

We trust it will assist you in deciding whether to use our services. If you ask us to act as your general insurance broker, we will do so on the terms set out in this Guide. Unless you tell us otherwise in writing, we assume that you agree with the terms. If there is any change to
these terms, we will also provide you with a Letter of Engagement which, together with this Guide, will record the basis of our relationship.
You might also receive some other documents after or at the time we advise you about your insurance needs including:
• Statements of Advice – these will be summaries of our advice and basis on which it was provided;
• Product Disclosure Statements – these will contain information about the products we recommend
to you ; and
• Confirmation notices – these will confirm the details of transactions we have arranged on your

If you need more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact our office.